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By contrast, the reign of Æthelstan is ill-served with narrative sources; the offers the sketchiest narrative of events in his reign, there is no surviving biography, nor any writing attributed to his own authorship.Creating a picture of him as a man as well as a royal figurehead involves piecing together information from a disparate range of sources (and a good deal of imaginative licence).At the same time, other pre-Conquest kings achieved equal or greater prominence.Attempts to make a saint of Edward the Confessor began soon after his death; he was canonised in 1161.

Alfred was a highly successful military leader who, in a battle at Edington in 878, resoundingly defeated the Danish army that had almost conquered Wessex.(Alamy) One of his circle, the Welsh priest Asser, also wrote a life of the king in the 890s, giving an unparalleled insight into his personality, his devotion to the saints, his practical and creative abilities and his attitudes to kingship.Texts translated from Latin into English at his court also included passages attributed to the king himself.To Anglo-Norman writers, he stood out as the founder of a united English realm, and – perhaps more significantly in that era – as having successfully asserted his authority over his Celtic neighbours.William, a monk of Malmesbury Abbey where Æthelstan was buried, paid him particular attention, providing insights not found in any other source, possibly drawing on a now-lost tenth-century life of the king.

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