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Perhaps more than any other American cartoonist, Clowes has gone deep into the history of American comic-strips and comic-books, imitating and parodying countless styles, genres, and formats.: The LL initials and double Ls of Clowes’s character Lloyd Llewellyn were inspired by the names of the “Superman Family” characters Clowes read as a child: Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, Lana Lang, etc.Is the LL that ends in which readers see only what a grumpy Clowes sees as he walks around his neighborhood.The anger and vengeance never left, but went underground, as the cartoonist’s stories became character-driven explorations, both unforgiving and tender, of life in these United States.When conceiving the series, Clowes worried that readers would be indifferent to , they praised Clowes as “brilliant,” “weird,” “twisted,” and “genius.” Apparently at a loss for words, one fan sent an envelope filled only with shredded candy wrappers.

delivered Clowes’s sardonic take on American culture, celebrating outsiders, freaks, and misfits while skewering nearly every All-American type: the macho creep, the sports fan, the fashion plate, the slick televangelist, the nostalgia hound, the mindless herd-following consumer, the ironic slacker, etc., etc. Vincent Robert) The Fear: Resurrection [aka The Fear: Halloween Night] (US-1999; dir. 43; 20 July 1997) “Bride of the Living Dummy” (US; ep. James Cruze, Eric Stroheim [uncredited]) Gudia (India-1997; dir. perhaps because it’s the rare film you can’t pigeonhole into any MST3k-appropriate genre, but regardless, it helps this episode stand out in a strange way.It’s actually a “TV movie” of sorts, being the feature-length pilot episode of a TV show about the misadventures of an airport/flight tower staff.

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