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Your application will be kept on file in order of the date of receipt.

If questions arisewhen going over your application we will usually email or telephone you for clarification.

Department of Defense Military Working Dog Adoption Program Frequently Asked Questions 1. Most of our dogs that become available for adoption are relatively young dogs that have failed to meet training standards, while others are older dogs that have completed their service and are being made available for adoption.

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About 30 days before your appointment you should receive a courtesy phone call or email seeking confirmation of your appointment and indicating information needed for a base pass, if it is required.

The records and dog are usually available shortly after the noon hour on this second day.

Bring a leash, suitable collar and your driver’s license.

We will do our best to match our available dogs with your preferences in terms of breed, gender, color, etc., but cannot guarantee that we will have a dog that will exactly match your desires.

Please remember that no matter what their type, sex or color, these retired Military Working Dogs were selected by the Do D for their stable and outgoing temperaments, they make wonderful companions, and they deserve great homes. Can you give me an overview of the Adoption Process?

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