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He goes to a sorcerer for help in breaking the curse, but the sorcerer uses the beast to help feed his magical power. The Tyrant Who Falls in Love - A very anti-gay straight guy is basically raped one unfortunate evening by his gay friend.

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I have a few favorites that you might like: Sorenari ni Shinken nandesu - This one is a gay man who falls in love with a straight man who works at a restaurant.Crimson Spell - Quite possibly my favorite after Sekaiichi Hatsukoi.It's a young prince who is cursed with becoming a demon by night. It goes along the story lines of several boys and their lives, lovers, and customers, as well as the lessons they learn, and the directors who teach them. this is a given, an intriguing story with good developing characters. It’s absolutely fine, there has been many wonderful and enjoyable shounen-ai mangas with no sex scenes. I really dislike situations with abusive behavior and rape. What do you think about mangas that don’t have any “H” aspects? Age doesn’t really matter, as long as, they are in love.

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