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Grbavica (Grab-ba-veet-sa, the name of this section of town) is also an important setting in the 2003 film about the war entitled , directed by Dino Mustafic (in Bosnian with English subtitles).

It begins with a family being suddenly swept into the war as Serb forces appear and start kicking down doors.

Both men are trapped in a besieged Sarajevo and struggle to survive the horrors of prison camps. The postmodern subtext is what truly captures the title of the film as father and son serve as a metaphor of doom for all future generations.

Although I had been in Sarajevo only a few weeks prior to the film’s release in February of 2003, many of the scenes – streets, shops, and restaurants – were familiar sights already too much like home, and I felt an immediate personal connection.

Kako bi na najbolji način iskoristila svoje sposobnosti, Alison je u tridesetoj odlučila da upiše prava, a istovremeno počinje da radi kao pripravnica u kancelariji javnog tužioca u okrugu Mariposa u Arizoni....

In the film the Serbs (Orthodox Christians) living in Grbavica are forced at gunpoint to serve in the military while the Bosniaks (Muslims) are rounded up, killed, or sent to work camps.

Neighbors, friends and even family members, are pitted against each other, often to the death.

is also a ‘remake’ – a story about Bosnia’s past during WWII.

The life of the protagonist, Bosniak Tarik (Ermin Bravo), in 1992 is paralleled with the life of his father Achmed (Ermin Sijamija) fifty years earlier.

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