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Now, the organization said it will decide according to the gender a parent lists on the application form."We realized that referring to birth certificates as the reference point is no longer sufficient," said Chief Executive Michael Surbaugh in a statement.Human Rights Campaign, another pro-LGBT advocacy organization, also praised the move.The Boy Scouts said the new enrollment policy would go into effect immediately.STD’s in the 45 and older crowd are up 20% and whether it’s the rise of Viagra, divorce or online dating more and more adults are having multiple partners and the older they get the less likely they are to use protection.

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The move comes three years after the group removed its ban on gay youth.

The discrepancy between our sexual behaviors and our moralistic attitudes is deadly.

People are dying of preventable STD’s and suffering from guilt and shame where none need exist and despite this public health crisis our government is only spending one hundred and fifty million dollars on prevention.

Because teenage girls are denied access to birth control, condoms and emergency contraception, pregnancy rates remain extremely high.

Even more frightening is the correlation between sexual repression and violence against women.

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