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Maybe that’s because the trauma that comes along with being left behind to put the pieces together from a loved one who commits suicide is so great it takes decades to accept. I had been calling his three other best friends who weren’t picking up the phone.

Trying to comprehend and going over 10 years of moments that could’ve been signs of mental illness, when I just thought those were Brandis’ quirks and the reason why he was one in a million. It’s a joke or a prank or he’s just playing some game to see who his real friends are. I pulled up to his apartment and banged on the door and rang the manager of the building over and over again until he finally came down and yelled at me to go away.

One “friend” even threw a catered memorial at her Hollywood mini-mansion with about 60 of his closest “friends.” I don’t think Jonathan had talked to the hostess in well over a decade, not to mention the slew of child actors that came out to cry and tell stories.The 37-year-old actress previously stated that she and her future husband wrote letters for months before they even chatted on Skype. “He took me on a 45-minute hike in the Redwoods [in Yosemite, California], which he knows I absolutely love,” the Young and the Restless alum added. Sadly, Brandis' career was cut short before he reached the age of 30.The next morning Jonathan’s mom called me and told me everything.My ex-boyfriend who was also one of Jonathan’s best friends was inside reading a magazine before he crashed out and thought Jonathan had gone to sleep.

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