The adventures of mini-goddess online dating

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The three goddesses battle the rat, but their attacks are ineffective, partly due to the poor mecha design.They try to escape, but the rat calls in reinforcements and blocks their path. series, which follows the adventures of three goddesses (Belldandy, Urd, and Skuld) and their rat companion Gan-chan.In Japan, the series aired on WOWOW between April 6, 1998Gan-chan the rat wants a female companion. Kettle can speak for herself, she declares that she has fallen for another kettle and elopes, leaving Gan-chan single again.

They become excited and decide to hunt for the treasure.

Gan-chan has a relapse transformation into the monstrous Gabira.

Using the earlier strategy, Urd and Skuld bathe him in sunlight. Nearly out of ideas, Skuld unleashes a golden mecha version of Gabira.

When they enter the temple, Skuld, Urd and Gan-chan surprise the operators, who eject them from the machine, transform it into a spaceship, and rapidly depart. Urd notices Gan-chan's ring has a diamond and asks if she can have it.

Gan-chan's bad luck immediately transfers to Urd, leading her to conclude that the ring is cursed.

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