Who is suze orman dating

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, which begins airing around the country Saturday, March 1.

(Check your local listings.) But Orman, 62, thinks a lot of us are going about things all wrong to achieve these goals, especially people in their 50s and 60s.

l was even on the receiving end of one of her famous “Suze smackdowns.” (MORE: Suze Orman’s Advice on Managing Long-Term Care Costs) Highlights: Next Avenue: You say on the show that we didn’t learn the lessons from 2008-2009. Orman: We didn’t learn lessons about real estate or about investing in the stock market. What we didn’t learn from the real estate crash is that real estate is not a liquid investment, it has risk and it’s an asset that costs you money to maintain.

Orman, a two-time Emmy winner, is CNBC's longest-tenured program host.

In a memo to staffers, CNBC president Mark Hoffman called Orman "one of the leading voices in personal finance." "For 14 years and 621 episodes to date, Suze has been a member of the CNBC family as a preeminent advocate for financial independence teaching viewers the importance of personal empowerment when it comes to money," he wrote.

The truth of the matter is I think everyone should have an emergency fund towards the one-year point.

The only reason I say eight months to one year is that people freak out about one year.

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